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Business :
  • Original Passport.
  • 1 Visa Form.
  • 2 Recent Photographs ( Photo size 35mm x 45mm white background 80 % Face ).
  • Covering letter on Company's Letterhead.
  • Return ticket.
  • Exchange.
  • Invitation from Singapore.
  • Income tax papers.

Tourist :
  • The Singapore Consulate-General in Mumbai processes visa applications for Indian Nationals and other foreigners who require social or business visa to enter Singapore.
  • Visitors holding ordinary Indian passports will need to apply for a Singapore entry visa prior to their visit to Singapore. Visitors holding official and diplomatic Indian passports are exempted from this entry requirement.
  • The Singapore Consulate-General does not issue work visas i.e employment passes or work permits for purposes of employment in Singapore. Also, the Consulate-General does not accept applications for work visas submitted to it on behalf of clients by travel agents or employment agencies.

Time Taken :
  • 2 working days for Indian Passport.
  • Applications for visas must be submitted through participating travel/service agencies and not directly to the Consulate-General. A list of participating travel/service agencies that are linked electronically to the visa office is given below. Participating travel/service agencies must submit.

Fees :
  • Rs.1550/- by draft in our favor of "Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore".