Aurum House, Plot No 25, Dady Seth Lane, Chowpatty Band stand, Babulnath, Mumbai 400007
Tel. 6615 4168

Tourist & Business :
  • The Visa application form (duly filled) with PAX cell number and email.
  • 2 Recent Photograph, 35mm x 45mm with white back ground, 80% face should be seen.
  • A covering letter (on company's letterhead) of the place of work of the applicant. It should mention the name of the person with his/ her passport number. Designation in the company and number of days.
  • A proper invitation letter on the letter head of inviter in Hebrew Language mentioning the full name, signature and contact number, company stating the name and passport number of the invitee, his/her purpose of visit and guarantee that the applicant will leave Israel after completing the business meeting..
  • Hotel reservation in Israel.
  • Bank statement for the latest 3 months with minimum balance of Rs.30,000.00 (name of the applicant should be certified by bank in the statement). Statement downloaded from the Internet will not be accepted.
  • Salary statement for the last 2 months.
  • A copy of Overseas Travel Insurance mentioning the name passport number of the applicant and the period of insurance.
  • Air ticket booking confirmed (itinere).
  • Consular charges $17converted into Indian rupees. The visa fees paid in Cash (Rs.) The amount is subject to changes without prior notice and is non- refundable. Please tender exact change at the Visa counter.
  • Colour Xerox copy required of passport first and last page.

Work :
  • The Visa application form (duly filled) with PAX cell number and email.
  • TWO passport size photographs (with white background) attached with the form.
  • 3A passport valid for at least SIX months
  • Confirmation from Ministry of Interior in form of Telegram.
  • Check whether married or single - Interview of the applicant is must.
  • If married, then require a Marriage Certificate (notorised and stamped by Home Dept), Government document of spouse (for identification), Photograph of couple during marriage or reception.
  • Couples interview is must
  • If marriage certificate is not available, affidavit from the court stating the couple is married with their marriage photo or joint photo affix on the affidavit -stamped by advocate. (notorise and stamped by Home Dept).
  • For singles, Affidavit from Advocate stating he /she is not married (notorise and stamped by the Home Dept.)
  • If Divorcee, Affidavit from court stating the couple has been divorce (notorise and stamped by Home Dept.) • If Widower / Widow, then require a Death Certificate of spouse (notorise and stamped by Home Dept.).
  • Address of Home Dept. - Mantralaya - Ms. Mansi Indulkar. Off. Mantralaya Bldg, New Administration Bld., 9th Floor, Nariman Point, Bombay â€" 400 021.
  • Medical done from doctors from Bombay Hospital only. (Add: Bombay Hospital, 12 V. Thackersay Road, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020 Tel. 2206 7676 Extn. 280.
  • N.O.C or P.C.C. from local police not more than 3 months (Notorise by Home Dept. -Mantralaya).

Jewish Tourist :
  • The Visa Application Form duly completed.
  • A Declaration Form (attached) to be signed by the applicant.
  • TWO passport size photographs (with white background) attached with the form.
  • Passport valid for at least SIX months.
  • If applicant is married, Marriage copy from Synagaogue (HAKTANA copy) or if the applicant is not married his parents Marriage copy from Synagogue or (HAKTANA copy) is required and letter from synagogue that the applicant is a Jew.
  • Consular charges for applicant are USD $ 17/- and vary according to Rupee rate to the US Dollar, on a monthly basis. The amount is subject to change without prior notice and is non-refundable. Please tender exact change at the Visa Counter.

Time Taken :
  • 7 Working Days

Fees :
  • Rs. 2,048/- (CASH)